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Giải Khát (Refreshment & Desserts)

Drink & Desserts

  • Sữa Đậu Nành (Soybean Drink)$2.00
  • Beer (Heineken, Corona, Budweiser)$3.00
  • Imported Beer (333 Beer, Tsingtao, Singha, Saigon)$4.00
  • Chanh Tươi, Chanh Muối (Fresh or Salted Lemonade)$2.99
  • Nước Ngọt (Coke, Pepsi, 7-Up, Sunkist, etc.)$1.50
  • Soda (Carbonated Water)$5.99
  • Lemonade Soda$3.99
  • Dừa Tươi (Young Coconut Juice)$3.99
  • Cam Vắt (Fresh Orange Juice)$2.99
  • Cafe Đen hoặc Cafe Đá (Vietnamese Iced or Hot Coffee, Black or with Condensed Milk)$2.99
  • Rau Má Đậu Xanh (Pennyworth with Greenbean)$4.00
  • Trà Nóng (Hot Tea)$2.00
  • Trà Đá (Iced Tea)$1.00


Choice of Melot or Chardonnay

  • Small Bottle$29.95
  • Large Bottle$39.95
  • Per Glass$5.95


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